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Escape the stress and really relax.

We’re programmed to push ourselves. Sometimes getting through the day takes everything you’ve got. Science validates the value of rest for your whole self. Stress impacts not just the mind but the body as well. Infrared saunas provide an enjoyable place in your wellness routine to receive the full-body benefits of relaxation and stress reduction.


Stress Affects the Entire Body

Studies show stress impacts the brain, blood pressure, weight and immune system. It creates memory problems, anxiety and learning difficulties. Neuroscientists say chronic stress can cause physical changes in grey and white matter, impact quantity of neurons and the size and connectivity of the amygdala.

The American Institute of Stress estimates stress problems make up 75 to 90% of all primary care doctor visits. Cortisol is the culprit. Stress increases that “fight or flight” hormone that raises heart rate, blood pressure and deposits excess calories in our midsection.

woman walking on the beach with back to camera

Heat May Help Depression

A University of Wisconsin-Madison study using hyperthermia to raise body temperature of depressed volunteers to the equivalent of a mild fever found improvement in symptoms of major depression for as long as six weeks after a single treatment.

woman meditating

Sauna is a Good Place for Meditation

Practicing mindful meditation while in a sauna therapy session can also help with mental stress reduction. Many studies have shown the benefits of meditation for reducing inflammation, cortisol, and cytokine chemicals and increase calm. Reap double benefits from infrared plus meditation!

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